Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is situated within the boathouse and includes the Heritage displays as well as  our RNLI souvenir & gift shop. Other than over Christmas and New Year the Visitor Centre is normally open every day of the week. 

Usual Visitor Centre Opening Hours are:

Monday to Thursday & Saturday & Sundays

10.30 am to 3.30 pm

Early Closing on Fridays, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

The Visitor Centre is managed and run solely by a band of dedicated and very keen volunteers led by Visitor Centre Manager David Gascoigne (David’s contact details can be found under the  “Contacts”  tab on the home page).


A word from David Gascoigne, Visitor Centre Manager  ….

“I, along with our team of 20 or so volunteers open the Visitor centre 360 days a year, subject to weather and operational demands.  We make every effort to ensure that all of our visitors have the best possible experience – annually we record around 8,500 people coming into the boathouse to see us!  Our visitors can see for themselves how the station operates and find  out the realities of what actually happens when the Tamar class lifeboat RNLB Rose goes out on a shout.  It is of course possible that a real shout could happen while visitors are in the station, but if not, exercise launches are usually arranged each week and those who would like to see things first hand can come down into the boathouse and watch it all happen …”


All of the people who come to see us can if they so wish experience through our knowledgeable volunteers in words and pictures, the history of The Lizard Lifeboat RNLI Station and her lifeboats. The RNLI shop is stocked with a comprehensive range of RNLI gifts, souvenirs and clothing and there are Heritage displays for you to see telling the story of past Lizard Lifeboats and her crews.  The visitor centre volunteers are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please do call in and sign the visitor book – we would love to see you!

The Lizard Lifeboat regularly launches on exercise. Normally launching on Tuesday evenings throughout the year at *6.30 pm but on occasion also on Sunday mornings at *9.30 am. The exercise launch days and times can sometimes change for reasons such as operational commitments and crew training …

We welcome all visitors into the boathouse to watch the launches.  The Visitor Centre with gift and souvenir sales is open before and throughout the exercise launch time and you can take the opportunity to look around our magnificent state of the art boathouse.

*Please Note: * The times given for Exercise Launches, Tuesdays 6.30pm and Sundays 9.30am are the times of the launch. You may want  to be in the boathouse a little before these times so as not to miss anything.  Also please remember, exercise launches can be subject to last minute change or cancellation due to inclement weather or operational commitments so always *check on our facebook page for the most up to date details of exercise launches. 

 *Important NoticeIt is now RNLI policy that NO DETAILS of any lifeboat on an operational service launch will be reported via Social Media i.e. Facebook or Twitter until the service call-out is completed and in certain  circumstances not always then. 

Lyndsay Bray – The Lizard Lifeboat Press Officer

“The Visitor Centre has a well stocked shop which offers a wide range of good quality and value souvenirs of your visit, and these make excellent presents for friends and family. Every year people come from near and far to take advantage of our Christmas range of cards, calendars, diaries and presents and every effort is made to ensure there is always something available to suit as many people as possible all year round” …..  Visitor Centre Manager, David Gascoigne


Visitor Centre Manager David Gascoigne with three of our volunteer assistants “on the road” at two of our recent events….
road show
roadshow at BB
Photographs: Lyndsay Bray

“The Roadshow Crew”

It takes quite a few different types of crew to help run and manage an RNLI lifeboat station and here are yet more very important cogs in the wheel!  Pictured are some of the boathouse and roadshow crew – David Gascoigne Visitor Centre Manager with three of his team of around 20 or so fellow volunteers. 

David and the volunteers often take the RNLI gift and souvenir sales out of the confines of the boathouse Visitor Centre and onto “the road” continuing to raise funds,  and just as importantly promoting and helping to keep the RNLI name well to the forefront in people’s minds. 

If you are thinking of planning or already have a local event planned where you would like our roadshow to attend (summer or winter) then please do get in touch with David (details under the Contacts tab) and he will be more than happy to talk to you ……..

* We are always looking for Visitor Centre volunteers so if you are at all interested in joining our friendly team even if you can only manage a couple of hours per week then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.