*The Lizard Lifeboat Station will be closed until further notice.

Sadly this means that all planned Station and fundraising events have been cancelled.  

*The Lizard Lifeboat service call-outs will not be disrupted and RNLB Rose will be on call 24 hours per day as usual – normal service will be the order of the day.

Due South 2019

“DUE SOUTH” is The Lizard Lifeboat Station Annual Journal and tells the overall story of a year at the Lifeboat Station featuring comments, interviews and articles along with glorious colour pictures illustrating just some of the events of the past year – because the journal is issued annually the current edition may not always reflect changes which have happened since its publication? For example, personnel comings and goings and of course this year with the Covid 19 Virus “Lockdown” in effect we have had to cancel  all station/fundraising events due to take place the dates of which would normally be listed in the journal.

*Please be aware, there is currently only limited cover by RNLI Lifeguards on some of the beaches in our area.

We very much hope you enjoy reading  …….

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*We usually suggest a donation of £2.00 for “Due South” to help cover the cost of publishing but we must make clear this is entirely voluntary.  Should you feel you would like to make a donation, for any amount, simply use the “Donate” button below which will take you directly to the donate page.