The Lizard Lifeboat

Saturday 9th October 2021

Following a request from Falmouth Coastguard, at 2.54 am RNLB Rose launched on service to a vessel with reported engine failure, position given as 11 nautical miles south of The Lizard. Upon arrival it was noted that the 14m pleasure craft with 3 people on board had potentially suffered a contamination of its fuel which was subsequently disabling the engine. As a limited amount of engine power appeared to be still available to the craft RNLB Rose with Second Coxswain Darren Thirlaway at the helm began to escort the vessel to Falmouth Harbour.  A short time after the escort had begun it was decided a tow would be needed as the engine power had failed. The tow rope was attached and the vessel taken safely into Falmouth Harbour arriving at 7.00am. The lifeboat arrived back at Kilcobben for re-housing at 08.11am.

RNLB Rose on her way home just in time for breakfast! Photographs courtesy Terry Thirlaway