The Lizard Lifeboat

Friday September 10th 2021

September 10th 2021 – with Coxswain Dan Atkinson at the helm, the exchange RNLI Fleet Lifeboat 16-10 “Edward and Barbara Prigmore” was making good progress on her journey back to The Lizard Lifeboat Station from Salcombe where earlier in the day she had been exchanged for RNLB Rose who was to be forwarded on to the RNLI Workshops in Poole for essential maintenance work.


At 5.23pm the Edward and Barbara Prigmore lifeboat was requested by Falmouth Coastguard to assist with the urgent transfer to a waiting helicopter of a casualty aboard a vessel, position given as approximately 10 nautical miles South of Looe.  The casualty had sustained an injury and was complaining of severe pain. The casualty was to be transferred to the lifeboat and winched from there into the helicopter.   A helicopter paramedic was subsequently winched down to the lifeboat to make an assessment where he decided that a transfer to the helicopter would not be in the patients best medical interest.  It was decided that the lifeboat should take the patient into Looe Harbour where he would be met by Looe inshore lifeboat and another careful transfer of the casualty into their inshore boat would be made. This was completed and the casualty was forwarded on to the waiting harbourside medical team. All was accomplished safely and after the unexpected but very necessary delay RNLB Edward and Barbara Prigmore arrived safely back at her temporary home at Kilcobben at 6.50pm.

RNLI Relief Fleet Tamar Lifeboat 16-10 the "Edward and Barbara Prigmore" being recovered into her temporary home after her somewhat unexpectedly eventful journey down from Salcombe in Devon