The Lizard Lifeboat

Wednesday September 8th 2021

The Lifeboat launched today at 16.43 pm tasked by Falmouth Coastguard to nearby Kynance Cove following a report of 4 people having been cut off by the tide. Thick Fog made visibility very poor and following a prompt launch RNLB Rose arrived on scene at 17.11 pm.  Initial reports had stated the casualty’s exact location was unknown – a search began near to Asparagus Island where they were eventually located. No injuries had been sustained by anyone. The Y boat was deployed and the casualties taken 2 at a time from the island to the safety of the beach where they were left in the care of the Cliff Rescue Teams. RNLB Rose returned to the station at 17.39 for re-housing.  Our thanks to our colleagues from Mullion and Porthoustock Coastguard Rescue Teams who were in attendance and guided us to the marooned casualties.

The casualties being assisted into the Y-boat from Asparagus Island - Picture Courtesy of Mullion Coastguard Team
RNLB Rose Home from Asparagus Island and a foggy Kynance - Picture Courtesy Jeff Ashby