The Lizard Lifeboat

Monday September 6th 2021

Monday September 6th 2021 – The Lizard Lifeboat launched on service at 03.18 am this morning tasked by Falmouth Coastguard following their concern for the safety a 35ft yacht with one person aboard sailing in fog with no functioning navigation aids. The assumed position was given as 2 nautical miles east of Black Head.  RNLB Rose made slow progress to the casualty finally sighting her just south of the Manacles Buoy at 04.00 am where conditions were calm and where visibility had slightly improved.  It was ascertained the lone sailor was in no need of medical attention so RNLB Rose led the yacht to the safety of open water south of Falmouth. Once confirmed that the yacht was in no further danger RNLB Rose departed the scene and made the slow, foggy journey home, arriving back at Kilcobben for re-housing at 06.02 am.  

The Manacles Buoy - on a clear day! - Photograph courtesy GrahamAndDairne