The Lizard Lifeboat

Saturday 28th August 2021

Two visits to Falmouth!

The Lizard Lifeboat launched on service today Saturday August 28th at 17.15 pm tasked to go to the aid of a 50ft leisure boat with one person aboard. The craft had suffered engine failure and had subsequently drifted onto rocks just short of a beach east of Coverack harbour. On arrival at the scene 2 crew members boarded the vessel to assess the incident and check for any visible damage. The sole person on board had suffered no injury and the boat also appeared to be unscathed with fortunately no ensuing pollution reported. A tow rope was attached from the lifeboat which proceeded to carefully and successfully ease the boat free from the rocks. No further damage was found and RNLB Rose began the vessel tow to Falmouth harbour.

Photograph courtesy of Chloe Marsland & Edd Bray

While leaving Falmouth and making their way home to The Lizard, RNLB Rose was diverted to another service task. A Yacht reported to be in a position of 5 miles south of Pendennis Point had suffered loss of power and was unable to sail. Arriving on scene at 21.00 pm a crew member went aboard the yacht to assist a person on board along with two dogs.  A tow rope was attached from the lifeboat and another tow back to Falmouth was soon underway.  On arrival at the entrance to Falmouth harbour at 21.40 our colleagues from Falmouth ILB took over the tow allowing RNLB Rose and her crew to return home, arriving back at Kilcobben at 22.45 pm.