The Lizard Lifeboat

Saturday 7th August 2021

The Lizard RNLI Lifeboat was tasked to Kennack Sands today at 3.09 pm to a report of 4 persons and 1 dog aboard 2 paddleboards drifting towards rocks and unable to make their way back to shore in the strong winds. Fortunately, RNLI Lifeguards were present on Kennack Beach one of whom had paddled out to try and assist. Unfortunately, the wind was proving too strong and when the lifeboat arrived on scene, the lifeguard was face-down on his own board holding on to both of the casualty’s boards to stop them drifting further away. The casualties were taken aboard the lifeboat via a Jason’s Cradle. When it was clear that other than very chilled, the casualties were otherwise physically fit and didn’t require any medical attention, RNLB Rose’ Y-boat was deployed and over 4 trips to and fro’, they and their dog, along with our very own intrepid RNLI Lifeguard were transported back to the beach.  RNLB Rose returned to station for re-housing at 4.50 pm. 

                                       Pictured Below, Kennack Sands, The Lizard