The Lizard Lifeboat

Saturday 10th July 2021

The Lifeboat launched on service this morning at tasked to go to the assistance of a yacht with 6 people on board positioned 3 nautical miles East of the station. They had reported a fouled prop while on passage from The Helford River to The Isles of Scilly.  On arrival the Y-boat was deployed with two crew members aboard who discovered a length of rope entangled around the prop, completely disabling it.  The crewmen disentangled the rope from the prop and a tow rope was attached so the vessel could be towed a short distance to confirm there were no other defects and it was safe to carry on unassisted under its own sail.

While returning to the station RNLB Rose was diverted to cliffs/rocks in the area off Bass Point to go to the aid of a group of people practising Coasteering.  One of their party was suffering from exhaustion and had become unable to proceed with the activity. The Y-boat was deployed once more and the casualty picked up.  Fortunately, not requiring any medical attention the casualty was ferried back to the lifeboat station to be collected by colleagues.  RNLB Rose rehoused shortly before 11.15am.


RNLB Rose and her Y-boat with casualty on board returning home
Picture Courtesy Matthew Bray