The Lizard Lifeboat

Saving Lives at Sea ......

The Lizard Lifeboat featured in two of the four incidents shown when the BBC2 programme “Saving Lives at Sea” aired on 14th January 2021. The first incident was a call-out to the Tanker “Sea Breeze” where with Falmouth Lifeboat alongside, they took off all the ship’s crew as the tanker was fast taking on water. As our Coxswain said afterwards in his interview, she would definitely have floundered, weighed down by the water in her holds had the sea been any rougher.  She was successfully towed by Tug into Falmouth for repair.

The second shout involved a small yacht “Marique” with an exhausted couple on board unable to make any headway in very heavy seas. Hopefully you watched the programme and saw our crew at their very best, from the Coxswain’s calm and steady boat handling to Deputy Second Coxswain Darren Thirlaway’s jump from the lifeboat onto the stricken yacht in order to take on and attach the tow rope.

All the crew did their jobs in a calm competent and very professional manner, it was absolutely brilliant for us on back on shore to actually get to see them in action and see somthing of  what happens after they’ve launched and sped off into the distance!  They would all say “it’s what we train for and what we do?”    Well, we and all the people they rescue would say

“Thank goodness you do!!”

Pictured is Karen Lennon owner of the Yacht Marique  – one of the 2 people on board on that fateful day – she paid us a visit last October to meet and thank the crew.  All socially distanced as you can see, such a shame current circumstances wouldn’t allow her a visit down to the boathouse to see RNLB Rose …. 

Top picture:  Steve Tattersall – Andrew Putt (Coxswain) – Johnny Bray, 

Lower Picture: Darren Thirlaway – Nick Hampshire – Nick Tattersall & Simon Fayers