The Lizard Lifeboat

Saturday 15th August 2020

The lifeboat launched on service shortly before 11.30am this morning to go to the assistance of a 26ft catamaran, position given 2 miles SW of Lizard point with one person on board which was taking on water.  On arrival the catamaran was listing 60 degrees to her port side and was in imminent danger of sinking. Two lifeboat crew members were immediately put aboard the vessel to set up a salvage pump and to begin pumping out the vessel.  Once the catamaran had been stabilised although still in a precarious condition, it was decided to facilitate a close side tow to take the vessel to Newlyn Harbour. The lifeboat with catamaran still intact arrived in Newlyn Harbour at approximately 2.30pm. RNLB Rose arrived back on station and ready for service at 3.45pm. 

 Photograph: “Under Tow”Courtesy crew member Harry Bray
Photograph: “Going into Newlyn” – Courtesy NCI Coastguard Penzance