The Lizard Lifeboat

Tuesday 11th August 2020

The Lifeboat launched on service today at 15.40 pm to a report of an orange inflatable with two children on board being swept out to sea in the vicinity of Pentreath Cove near Kynance Cove, The Lizard. As the lifeboat proceeded to the scene HM Coastguard received notification that the 2 youngsters had managed to get themselves and their inflatable ashore onto nearby Pentreath Beach. As vehicular and pedestrian access is severely limited to and from Pentreath, HM Coastguard requested the lifeboat collect the children from the beach and take them to Kynance Cove beach before they made an attempt to clamber up the rocky Pentreath cliff path. By the time the lifeboat had reached the scene, Mullion Coastguards, who had also been tasked to the incident, had the children in hand and were able to transfer them back to Kynance Cove Beach whence it is believed they and their inflatable had drifted from? Mullion Coastguard team reported at this stage they gave the youngsters valuable advice and information for the future  re: safety at sea and the need for great care when boarding any form of inflatable/boat/vessel on the sea, and in particular the ever present need to be aware of the dangers? The lifeboat returned to station for re-housing at 4pm.

Pictured: Pentreath Beach with Lion Rock at Kynance Cove in the distance ..