Tuesday 30th June 2020

The Lifeboat launched today just after noon to a request from Falmouth Coastguard who had received a message from a passing ship of a small boat overturned and drifting 25 miles south-west of The Lizard. On reaching the scene the Coxswain reported no evidence of any person/s casualties aboard or in the vicinity of the vessel and no identifying marks on the boat – a tow line was established but the prevailing sea conditions precluded a successful tow as the boat was beginning to sink.  After liaising with Falmouth  Coastguard it was decided to let the small boat loose and release the lifeboat to return to station. As the lifeboat departed the scene the overturned vessels position was passed on to the coastguard.  The lifeboat returned to Kilcobben at 4pm.

Photographs Courtesy Ryan Tonkin