The Lizard Lifeboat

Wednesday 24th June 2020

The lifeboat launched shortly after 5.30pm this evening to a report that 2 people were thought to have been thrown into the water from an inflatable kayak? The incident was reported to have happened in the Polurrian/Polbream Cove area near Mullion. An onlooker reported what they thought were 2 people in the water and possibly in difficulty?  Upon arrival the Y-boat was deployed with 2 crew members aboard allowing a closer in-shore inspection. After an extensive search no evidence of any casualties was found. It is believed they may have managed to make their own way back to shore.  After liaising with the Coastguard, the lifeboat returned to the station at approximately 7.30 pm.

                                                                            Polurrian & Polbream Coves – Mullion