Monday October 14th 2019

The Lifeboat was launched at approximately 4.45 pm to a constant VHF distress transmission from  Irish Fishing Vessel “Ellie Adamh” whose position was first reported as 8 nautical miles SE of Lizard Point.  The vessel was in fact 9 nautical miles SE of the Lifeboat Station heading in an easterly direction at approximately 9 knots. Shortly after the launch of the lifeboat the fishing vessel reported to the coastguard that “all was well” on board? Communication between the coastguard and the vessel was very broken and not clear enough to ascertain the complete picture so the lifeboat was requested to carry on to get visual as well as verbal assurance that all in fact was well?  This fortunately turned out to be the case and the lifeboat returned for re-housing at 6.32 pm.  The only explanation for the initial distress call is that the fishing vessel unwittingly set it off creating the false alarm.