The Lizard Lifeboat

Thursday 22nd August 2019

The lifeboat launched on service at 06.11 am to go to the assistance of a 25 ft yacht on passage from Roscoff to Falmouth with a position given as 22 nautical miles east of Lizard Point.  The yacht’s rudder and prop were snagged on a rope.  RNLB Rose arrived on scene at approximately 07.00 am. The Y boat was deployed with 2 crew members who successfully freed the rudder and prop while also recovering the rope.  The lifeboat shadowed the yacht for a short time afterward to ensure all was well on board and that it was sailing freely. RNLB Rose returned to station for re-housing at 8.35 am. 




The Y-boat deployed with crew working to successfully release fouled rudder and prop.


Photograph: Crew Member Jacquie Dunmall