The Lizard Lifeboat

Monday 8th July 2019

The Lifeboat launched on service at 6pm this evening responding to a PAN PAN call from a French sailing vessel position given as 32.5 miles south-east of Lizard Point. The vessel with 3 persons on board was becalmed and reported a gearbox failure.

Falmouth Coastguard broadcast to any vessel in the area for assistance. A French fishing vessel “Daytona” responded. Daytona reported she would be delayed arriving at the casualty as she would have to stop fishing and haul in her gear before being able to proceed. 

“RFA Tidesurge” also responded. She reported at least a 2-hour timescale to reach the sailing vessels given position. The Lifeboat was 13 miles south east of the station when Falmouth Coastguard reported that the “Daytona” French fishing vessel had located the casualty. 

The” Daytona” reported all was well onboard the sailing vessel and she required no further assistance? Falmouth Coastguard released RNLB “Rose” from further duty. She arrived back at Kilcobben for re-housing shortly after 7pm.